• Time constraints did not allow me to finish the surrounding area of the white box.

  • There is no official end to the game demo, as I was not able to figure out how to create a credits screen in time for the completion date.

  • There was not enough time for sound and music design, so such was left off.

What Went Wrong
  • This prototype was was in development for 3 weeks and fulfilled its purpose for demonstration.

  • The game has a start to finish with other people play-testing the game to ensure quality and direction

  • All triggers and matinees function appropriately to allow the player to progress

  • Learning the engine was simple and self-explanatory

What Went Right
  • The placement, design, mapping, and connecting of each individual pathway and area.

  • Development and physical programming of animation, triggers, and text.

  • Editing and customizing assets for other useage

  • Dialogue written and matinee's placed frame by frame

Developer Role

The Old World: Outside Path Video

Paper-map Examples

The Old World is an exploration platformer set in the UDK engine. After something exiled the main character into the desert, they seek shelter in an abandoned mining facility. Using platforming and timing, the goal is to cross the canyon and escape the facility. They can take either the outdoor path or the indoor one, both having their own peril.

Game Summary

While just a prototype, the view from outside of the mines is built inspired by real mining factories.

Player choice is important in games, and this prototype was a method to give the player two completely different pathways and experiences to get to the goal. The outside path is trial and error platforming and using the crane while the inside path is balance and steady parkour. The player can switch between them midway in case they wish to change tactics.

Two Pathways

The outdoor path is all about rails and trial and error, though also gives a good look at the surroundings.

Both pathways can be "lost" or "failed", however this level does not restart or give the player a penalty besides missing time. Upon falling or messing up, the player simply walks back to the start of the path and can retry. This makes it more fun to master instead of punishing harshly  for mistakes.

Time for Penalty

The indoor path is all about navigating the darkness and cramped space. It's followed by a tricky to maneuver parkour scene in the warehouse.

The Old World: Inside Path Video

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