Game Summary

Shattered is a self-created demo for the mother game, Mirrored: Shattered Resolution. In the demo, the player controls a little girl as they wake up in an endless nightmare. They must memorize patterns and turn off the dream orbs to release themselves, less they be trapped forever. The settings is based off the mother game's school district level.

These are test rooms showing off the decals and tiles completely made by me for the Shattered demo.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Fully Created

Unlike any other project within this journey, Shattered is completely created by me alone. All of the assets, coding, and game-play flow in the demo was done by me within a 3 week period of time. This includes the tiles, assets, characters, animations, enemies, controls, and game-play scripts. The music and sound effected were implemented by me, however are freeware credited toward anonymous.

The same test room as before is used to show off the animations for the HUD and subtle environment ideas.

Start to Finish

This demo has a completed journey from start to finish. The player enters, is told the premises and controls, given a goal, and is able to enact that goal to a completed finish that ends the game. If the player dies, the game is restarted immediately to give no waste of time. Not only is it finished, but also balanced and playable. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Enemy animations. To see in a better view without Wix's distortion, right click when selected and open in new tab.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What Went Wrong
  • We typical of a solo job, the constant crunch and rush job was difficult to manage. 

  • Controls are not perfect, as I am not as good at programming as I wished to be.

  • This was the first time using Game Maker Studios, which has a harsh learning curve when it comes to programming.

  • Tile and decal layering is noticeably faulty and needed more time to be fixed.

  • The final mechanic of reflecting projectiles never made it into the demo, so things had to be changed around.

  • The enforcer's boss fight was developed too late to make it into the demo, so it was not included.

Demo video of 

What Went Right
  • All art came out clean and fit well into the theme of the demo.

  • Development of controls, while not perfect, function and can be used to play the game.

  • The finished product met the deadline.

  • Enemy and health implementation works perfectly.

  • The game properly restarts to give the player another chance upon death.

  • Public play-testing went smoothly and provided enough feedback for improvements. 

Download the Demo!

Developer Role
  • The placement, design, mapping, and connecting of each individual tile, enemy, and trigger.

  • Development and physical programming of enemies, health, game over, and game finish screens

  • Creation of all assets but music and sound effects.

  • Implementation of enemy and character animations

  • Death and game restart cycle

  • All Art, testing, and balance.