Oddity is a horror-based point and click 3D adventure game. Players are trapped in a strange town due to a bus accident where people are physically twisted into oddities due to their strong emotional connection. Player choice matters with every action, even through save and load features. Players can act however they wish, whether it is a peaceful or violent approach... 

Game Summary

Here is my team I worked with during Studio productions, as well as SIP materials

Fear can be seen in three different ideals, according to Stephan King: "Gross-out" Horror, and Terror. Oddity takes the terror route as it presents a strange and twisted world where things just don't seem normal. There's no jump-scares or spiders the size of bears, but the way people look and the way the walls always watch gives players a chill down their spine...

Terror Focus

These images show some characters the player will run into on their journey.

The player's choice determines he way every single character acts and portrays themselves. Every decision and comment counts towards one of many outcomes to a problem or encounter. Too much pushing around or bad reputation can have characters kill the player rather easily. Of course, death isn't the end of a journey in Oddity... 

Player Choice

This set of images shows the progression of the dialogue system.

  • One of the lead designers of the team.

  • Dialogue written for the chef, inspector, and cookbook scenes

  • Design and flow of character sheets for team.

  • Plot direction created and laid out.

  • Scope creep control.

  • Brainstorming ideas and new characters, such as the celebrity.

Developer Role
  • This project was submitted and ran through 4 separate studio production phases, which ead to a lot of development for the first chapter.

  • The game has a technical playable demo that shows off the features made by the team.

  • All dialogue, AI, and triggers for doors work successfully and were created on time for presentation

What Went Right
  • Limitations of the engine restricted dialogue development and implementation until the one system was made, however it was too late for my interactions during studio production #2

  • Communication was a challenge and many members of the team did not contribute too much to the end goal until the last few weeks.

  • A lot of code bugs ended up postponing development until the last studio production team's development.

What Went Wrong

Comparison of old build to new one.

Dialogue file downloads.

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