Game Summary

Neglect is a short D&D campaign module hosted on the Neverwinter Night’s Bio-Ware engine, Aurora. The module uses D&D 3.0 rules as per NwN's standard engine allows. Players can create their own heir to the Yi’s fortune and attempt to explore, fight, and train their way through the forest and mountains to reclaiming the mines of their heritage.

The beginning of the game introduces the player to a wood elf camp, paid by the player's family to serve as fortification for the expedition.

Day and Night 

Time passes in the game world approximately 1 hour in 2 minutes. In combat, this is shortened 2 two rounds, or two full cycles of each character acting once.  Time changes everything in Neglect, from what monsters and npcs spawn in, to abilities and sight being inhibited. Some clues to the story can only be seen at night...

At night, everything becomes hard to see within  nature. Some races have better night-vision than others, while some may need to hold torches.

The world contains many side areas and special landmarks to give the player information if they decide to explore off the roads.


Unlike typical D&D and RPG games, Neglect has no true quest system built directly into the game to guide the player. To capture the true feeling of immersion and exploration, triggered events occur when the player explores around. The world itself tells the story that the player must discover. This can be anything from hidden symbols to npc interactions.

Developer Role
  • The placement, design, mapping, and connecting of each individual transition and area.

  • Development and (using the wizard code) programming of enemy and friendly AI

  • Editing and customizing character races and classes, as well as items and equipment.

  • Dialogue written and stores edited for currency system

  • Day and night cycle.

  • All paper-maps, GDD, testing, and balance

What Went Right
  • This project was completed in approximately 3 weeks and lasts for around 3 1/2 hours per character attempt.

  • The game has a start to finish with other people play-testing the game to ensure quality and direction

  • All spells, AI, and triggers or experience and items worked successfully.

  • Everything was finished on time with no crunch time to catch up on development

  • Learning the engine was simple and self-explanatory

What Went Wrong
  • Limitations of the engine restricted me to tiles, not allowing me to remove certain ledges. I turned these into Easter egg paths if the player could ever access them so they weren't pointless

  • Despite the three week of development, I was almost working on this project like a full time job when it was originally supposed to be a simple level design presentation. Scope creep added much, even if it was finished.

  • Balance was very tricky and took many iterations. The last boss may still be too powerful, even if 3/4ths of the testers successfully beat the game.

Two example paper-maps used in pre-production.

Neglect's GDD

This is an intro video summarizing the game-play of Neglect.


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