Game Projects

Prototype games for multiple platforms, including complete documentation using the full game production pipeline.


Neglect was built from the ground up starting with a simple GDD. Paper-maps were used courtesy of the Aurora Engine that helped put together each individual zone and game flow. The areas were then built into a 3-6 hour long D&D campaign playable with every class available within the host game, Neverwinter Nights on PC.


Inconspicuous had humble beginnings. What started out as a very silly idea quickly was brought into development of a full fledged GDD. The idea grew into a full sized paper-map laying out secrets, player path, and enemies. What resulted was a full on playable short campaign of a first person shooter held within a customized UDK engine.

The Old World

The Old World is a UDK built exploration/plaformer game set in an abandoned mining facility. While unfinished, it demonstrates multiple pathways, scripted matinees that trigger with the player's actions, and hinted dialogue from the main character that triggers on set locations. The game is set to be played on PC and most consoles.


Shattered is a self-made playable demo for a larger gamed called Mirrored. The level was apart of a GDD document brought into paper-map and finally a playable, rough demo of how the full game will feel. The demo is only playable on PC, however the full-fledged game is planned to be on mobile, and console as well. All the assets shown are made and programmed by me.

Oddity: SIP Project

Within Oddity, I was one of the lead game designers, centered around handling scope and direct character developments. One of my jobs was communicating with the other tea members, making sure the artists knew what emotions and positions were needed for the dialogue scenes. I also needed to speak with the programmers to work out puzzles and time scripts.


I was the lead designer for Morpheus, in charge of story arcs, level design, character powers, and puzzles. I worked constantly each day with the team leads, artists, and programmers in order to make these scope-instilled ideas flexible and presented in game-play. The lead of the team considered me the creative director.