Goals of Completion

Objective Five

Demonstrate high-level writing and analysis skills to promote the creation of clear, concise documentation and strong communication of design elements and mechanics to both programming and art team members.

Oddity: SIP Project

Within Oddity, I put together many documents, from character breakdowns, mechanical idealism, storyboards, and timelines. Most of my work in this project was also spent in dialogue and quest loops, so documentation was a focus for me. Considering this game is essentially a point and click adventure game, documentation is important.


Considering that this game is based off D&D style campaign systems, high-level writing and analysis is extremely important to convey the mechanics and dialogue. Every shop, enemy, NPC , skill, spell, and item has to have text and dialogue to explain its functionality or place. Along with a fully functional (and short for easy use) GDD and full on tile mapping, Neglect was built from the ground up thanks to the writing.  


Since I am one of the design leads and creative director for Morpheus, documentation and writing is a major part of my job. Level maps, memory rift storyboards, character documents, puzzle descriptions, pasts and deaths, mechanics, and anything else that pertains to the very core of the game was written by me with the lead's guidance.