Objective Four

Establish leadership, communication and project management skills by participating in team projects with students from other disciplines using industry-standard team and project management techniques.

Oddity: SIP Project

Within Oddity, I was one of the lead game designers, centered around handling scope and direct character developments. One of my jobs was communicating with the other tea members, making sure the artists knew what emotions and positions were needed for the dialogue scenes. I also needed to speak with the programmers to work out puzzles and time scripts.


While the demo was fully my creation, my work in the main game requires communication and management for the level design and mechanics. While communication from them to me was not as connected, I constantly sought out to my managers, team-mates, and those in direct charge to get things done. I was able to make this demo in around 2-3 weeks: art, programming, and design all done by me. 


I am the lead designer for Morpheus, in charge of story arcs, level design, character powers, and puzzles. I work constantly each day with the team leads, artists, and programmers in order to make these scope-instilled ideas flexible and presented in game-play. The lead of the team prefers to call me the creative director, although I am more active in the design of things.