Objective Two

Create and implement game elements, systems and play mechanics using industry-standard tools, techniques and production methods including both art and scripting/programming applications.


Neglect consist of extremely advanced mechanics all adapted and used from D&D 3.0 and the Aurora Engine. Players can pause the game and issue their spells/orders then watch the action unfold. All of the models and artwork come from a massive contribution of developers called the Community Expansion Packs for the original game, Neverwinter Nights.


Shattered is a self-made playable demo for a larger gamed called Mirrored. The level was apart of a GDD document brought into paper-map and finally a playable, rough demo of how the full game will feel. The demo is only playable on PC, however the full-fledged game is planned to be on mobile, and console as well. All the assets shown are made and programmed by me.


Inconspicuous is a Rise of the Triad built first person shooter set in an incredibly sarcastic, silly setting. The player is a bar owner, of which Nazi troops have taken over with their festivities. The player wants their bar back, so they run in and gun them all down old-school style. The game features a fully functional GUI, enemies, pathways, AI, weapons, power-ups, and destroy-able/movable objects.