A Journey of Creativity

Project | 01 Pencil Aspects

This is less of a project and more of a starting point in my journey to become an artist. I used physical objects in different arrays to learn how to draw shapes, angles, and textures. By the end of this journey, I had a newfound appreciation for point of view and physical mediums.

Project | 02 A Friend's Last Meeting

This project was both a big test for my physical drawing skills and an emotional roller-coaster. The subject is my father's best friend in the Air Force EOD. This occured at my father's funeral in Iraq, and shows the best friend placing a coin at my father's funeral effigy.

Project | 03 Simplistic Design

Branching away from physical art, I started to dabble into basic graphic design using color theory. These concepts show color pairing types, as well as simplistic designs and basic typography. 

Project | 04 Mirrored 

Mirrored is a story adventure game around a young girl whom has lost her parents and has moved to the small town of Canaan. Pictures in the 1960's, Lily must now work with her uncle and aunt on the farm instead of the posh lifestyle of the city. While there, things go strange and she finds herself involved with an alternate, terrifying dimension that mirrored everything in the real world...

Project | 05 3D Exploration 

These models mark my introduction to the 3D design and artistic journey of 3Ds Max. I started with simplistic shapes and pulled together complex models using them. I then went to organic modeling and attempted to model a basic human form. 

Project | 06 Break from Reality

Two major photoshop project where I was instructed to take pictures and implement advanced photoshop tools to change its look and feel. I aimed to make the images break from reality and explore the divide between our world and our imaginations.

Project | 07 The Camera

A simplistic, 20 second animation that takes a unique spin on viewpoint. Instead of viewing the video through typical camera angles, the camera becomes an object the character interacts with.


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